Leadership Program

At Altamira International School we have constructed a program called "We Are Leaders" where students develop the skills and attitudes they need to be productive. This program is integrated with our Values, our General Learner Outcomes, our MegaSkills and finally the Seven Habits of Happy Kids. We believe that through this program, our students develop the core competencies needed to be effective in the XXI Century.



Our Glo's and Megaskills


Who can demonstrate civic awareness, lead a healthy life style, and make responsible contributions to their community.

Responsibility: doing what’s right.
Citizenship: being a member of the community.
Caring: showing concern for others.
Respect: treating others the way you would want to be treated.


Who can analyze, synthetize, evaluate and solve problems creatively and use technology effectively.

Critical Thinking: thinking for yourself by weighing evidence and facts.
Creativity: generate ideas; to create something original or redesign through imaginative skill.
Common Sense: using good judgment.
Problem Solving: create solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems.


Who can convey ideas with clarity and precision are receptive to diverse forms of communication and are artistically expressive.

Empathy: understanding the other person’s point of view.
Focus: concentrating with a goal in mind.
Clarity and Precision: speak out your ideas in a way that is easy to understand.
Sense of Humor: laugh and be playful without harming others.


Who can work productively with others contributing to the achievement of group and/or team goals and work well with diverse populations.

Accountability: Consider the consequences of your choices and respond when things go wrong.
Flexibility: be willing to alter plans when necessary.
Initiative: do something, of one’s free will because it needs to be done.
Teamwork: work together toward a common goal or purpose.


Who can create intellectual, artistic, practical and physical products that reflect originality, using a range of learning strategies and time management skills.

Confidence: feeling able to do it.
Effort: do your best.
Organization: work in a orderly way.
Motivation: waiting to do it.


Who are intellectually curious and self-directed, know how to find relevant information to actively build and construct new understandings.

Attitude: being positive when dealing with others and approaching challenges with optimism.
Perseverance: keep at it.
Curiosity: a desire to investigate and seek understanding of one´s world.
Self-Direction: directed or guided by oneself.